Moving into a new city – Nottingham

  Where do I start? One of the important things to do when moving into a new city, such as Nottingham is to find your bearings. The map of any … Continue reading →

What is Brexit’s impact for International Students coming to the UK?

 The initial reaction from UK’s Brexit to the markets was particularly severe in the middle of July 2016 because no one actually expected Brexit to occur. Right up to the … Continue reading →

Dissertation Writing

Dissertation writing is not an easy task because it requires you to think of a good topic. So what constitutes a good topic? It should be one that covers a … Continue reading →

Revision Advice 2015

Revision Advice for 2015. As Easter holidays are coming to an end, hundreds of thousands of students across the country start panicking about the fact that very little revision has … Continue reading →

Easter Motivation 2015

Many students may have reached the Easter holidays and are ready for a good break after all that hard work. You may feel tired from all your assignments, exams, and presentations. … Continue reading →

Financial Analysis

Performing financial analysis is not an easy task because it requires a deep understanding of the industry, income statement, state of financial position, and cashflow statement. When starting financial analysis, … Continue reading →

Theory into Practice: Business Case Study

In order to write a good business case study, you should have a good understanding of the actual case itself. Before you follow the suggested steps, read the case carefully, and highlight key … Continue reading →

Exam Writing

1. Answer the “Right” Question. This is the first and most important recommendation for exam writing. Answering the wrong question is a common mistake made by students. Unfortunately, if you answer … Continue reading →

Case Study Analysis

How to analyse a case study? A case study analysis is a way to test how you can apply a number of different theories, business models, and strategies onto a … Continue reading →

Essay Writing Help

If you require some essay writing help, I would say essay writing is similar to a blooming flower. If you prepare the ground well and do not rush it, it … Continue reading →

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