Cultivate Successful Habits

Do you desire to be the best at what you do? The secret may be cultivating the right habits. People who are successful in business pay a lot of attention … Continue reading →

Prestige Education Motivation

It is now the summer and you have finished all your coursework and exams. The only piece of work you may have is probably your dissertation. The summer period is … Continue reading →

Exam Advice – May 2014

Here is a piece of exam advice for May’s 2014 exams. It is that time of the year when your exams are upon you before you even realise it. You have … Continue reading →

European Travels – Avoid Scams

A large number of students tend to travel to other European cities during the holidays. However, students need to be alert of the petty thefts and scams that locals operate … Continue reading →

Global Warming 2014

Prestige Essays supports global warming through sponsoring the organisations that help to reduce the use of coal, oil, and nuclear power. Instead, renewal sources of energy must be used more … Continue reading →

Research Proposal Tips

Here are seven research tips to writing a good research proposal 1. Research title. The key to a good research proposal is dependent on how concisely you define your research … Continue reading →

January 2014’s Exam Tips

January is usually the start of exams for most students at university, so here are some exam tips. Starting revision early is usually the key to success because most students … Continue reading →

Charity Event 2013

  Christmas is a time for reflecting on the people who are less fortunate than us. This year, Prestige Essay Company was proud to take part in a charity event … Continue reading →

A Practical Guide to Writing an Essay

As a guide to writing a good essay, report, or case study, it requires an organised approach. Step 1 – Firstly, you must obtain the relevant text books and reading … Continue reading →

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