Case Study Analysis

Case study analysis How to analyse a case study?

A case study analysis is a way to test how you can apply a number of different theories, business models, and strategies onto a real life business. It is the bridge between theory and practice and it requires significantly more thought than merely writing a standard essay, so allow more time to write it. 


Identify the key points or issues of the business case by reading it 3 times
Use a highlighter pen and highlight key issues
Consider other information by looking at their annual report, trade magazines, and academic journals.


Find out what the problem is e.g. slowing growth, lack of innovation, accounting scandal, executives not recognising change
Outline the objectives: the desirable outcomes
Use the theories and models in class/Research and find your own  theories and present what is good and what is bad
Generate ideas and present a balanced case. There is nearly always a trade-off.


Choose a “best fit” solution from the options
Decide on an action plan
Follow the structure provided and stick to it.
Tackle each section separately and adhere to the marking guide, sub-section, theory, and how to apply it to the company.
Be creative but follow a logical approach.
Start and end each section of your case study analysis with an introduction and conclusion. 

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