Exam Advice – May 2014

Brain Storm EssaysHere is a piece of exam advice for May’s 2014 exams. It is that time of the year when your exams are upon you before you even realise it. You have worked hard to get through your presentations, group work, reports and you are positioned half way up the “mountain”. In order to make your final climb to the top of the mountain, you need to do some planning and to think of the best strategy to reach the top whilst reducing your risk of falling off. One of the main reasons students do not do as well in their exams is because they underestimate the amount of preparation for each exam. The lazy ones are the ones who say afterwards, “I knew I should have revised that topic instead”, or “I was told that topic would not come out”. Are you going to challenge your laziness? Or will you try to take the risky route up the mountain?

Let me me explain, the lazy route is also the riskiest route. For example, if your exam contains 5 different questions/topics and you must answer any 2 questions. You know you have studied 9 topics and any of the 9 topics could appear in those 5 exam questions. The lazy students will probably only prepare 2-4 answers and take a risk that those answers will be sufficient. This represents the straight route up the mountain and is the riskiest because any “rocky overhang” sections will be dangerous. However, the diligent student will choose to prepare 6-7 answers, so that if the examiner really wants to test students this year, they are covered to answer anything. This represents the safe route up the mountain by preparing to go around it, but it takes more time and effort. The number of answers you prepare also depends on any exam advice you receive during your revision classes. But do not forget that you are directly competing with everyone in the exam hall across the country. The students that write the most concise and relevant answer to the question will score the highest marks. Which ever route you decide to take, the mind map is your best friend because it helps you to recall each essay through a visual representation of the answer. It also provides you flexibility for change if the exam question was not exactly what you expected. Prestige Essays wishes you luck in your May 2014 exams and can help you with exam strategy and model answers.

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