Global Warming 2014

Prestige Essays Climate ChangePrestige Essays supports global warming through sponsoring the organisations that help to reduce the use of coal, oil, and nuclear power. Instead, renewal sources of energy must be used more frequently, such as wind, solar, and hydro power, which must form the energy sources of the future. For the skeptics that do not believe global warming is contributing to the increase in the world’s temperatures, it is evident that harmful gases and radiation adversely affects the health of the population. Moreover, scientists assert that recent fluctuations in weather patterns is one symptom of the global warming phenomenon. 

Global warming also adversely affects marine life so that future sea life life becomes unsustainable. The changes caused by global warming are irreversible and as each decade goes by, the incremental increase in surface  temperatures gets passed onto the next generation. Moreover, we are concerned that future sources of energy, agriculture, and wild life becomes unsustainable due to changes in weather patterns and their finite limits. Government policies to provide solar panels and more wind farms are required to support the world for a greener environment for the future. 

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