A Practical Guide to Writing an Essay

As a guide to writing a good essay, report, or case study, it requires an organised approach.

Step 1 – Firstly, you must obtain the relevant text books and reading lists before writing an essay. It is important to get the recommended course text book from the library and to read the relevant chapters your essay question relates to. Once you have a general grasp of the key areas and concepts you can proceed to the next step. Skim reading is necessary to skip irrelevant areas and to focus on the most important aspects bearing in mind clarity and a concise writing style.

Step 2 – Create a structure or breakdown of how the essay will look. Starting with an introduction which introduces the importance of the topic, how you go about discussing the relevant factors, and what you set out to do in the main body and to end with a conclusion. You are advised to follow your university guidelines as these are the specific criteria’s you will be marked against. Finally, end with an appropriate conclusion and recommendation for the future.

Step 3 – Start writing your essay according to your planned structure paying close attention to the question itself. “Discuss” means talk about the advantages and disadvantages of a topic, so the essay provides a balanced argument. “Critically Analyse” means establish arguments which criticise the given statement which is presented. It does not mean just explain the reasons, the essay must have a variety of critical arguments from different angles so different books and journals will help with this.

Step 4 – Once the Introduction and main body is complete, provide a short 250 word conclusion to highlight the main areas and then to make suggestions for future developments. Then add your references to it, generally 7-10 references per 1000 words are adequate.

Step 5 – Once you finish writing, spend 1-2 days proof checking it for spelling, grammar errors, relevance, reducing the number of words in a sentence to improve clarity and directness.

Step 6 – Submit to Turnitin to identify any plagiarism and amend if necessary.

This is just a rough guide to writing an essay. Please note that each essay, report, case study is unique and has different requirements so you must refer to your guidelines and marking criteria’s regularly.

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