How to improve one’s writing

It is no mystery that in order to improve one’s writing skills, you should read extensively. However, if you find the task of reading painful, then I recommend that you read something scholarly on whatever your personal interests are, may it be art, 16th century history, politics, philosophy, economics, etc. Once you have established your area of interest, get into the habit of reading different articles, newspapers, journals daily, say 15 minutes each day building up to 1 hour each day. Eventually, you may feel passionate about reading as it increases your knowledge and increases your vocabulary. When people go to university, the question is often asked, “what are you reading?”, not “what are you studying”, because its only through regular reading can we establish our own critical thinking to tackle problems in the real world. Eventually, you will want to read material of the highest level because well written journals help us to develop our written skills the most. I hope you found this basic information of practical use.  


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