January 2014’s Exam Tips

Revision tipsJanuary is usually the start of exams for most students at university, so here are some exam tips. Starting revision early is usually the key to success because most students usually do not have enough time. Unless you are exceptionally bright, most students need to allow about 1 week revision for each exam, so if you have 4 exams close together, you should try to revise 4 week earlier. Unfortunately, this means you will have to start revision in December as some point and it will overlap Christmas period too. Whilst, you will feel like resting during this festive period, you can schedule to take 24, 25, 26th December off but plan your revision around the rest of the time. So if your exam schedule is 10th, 12th, 15th, 16th January, you should ideally start revision on approximately the 10th December because you have to allow time to recall the information and to practice questions.

In order to recap your knowledge, you should skim read the lecture slides and to take some notes. Then to refer to the revision class to identify which areas are likely to come up in the examination. And to cross reference this with the past exam papers. Generally, the same questions will not come up from the previous year but it maybe asked in a different way. For essay questions, once you identified the topics you want to cover, refer to text books and journals to prepare answers for these essay questions, then to use a mind map to help recall. For calculation based exams, there is no easy way but to practice as many questions as you can under timed conditions. Look at simpler examples first or you may get demoralised. Rest assure you probably do not have enough time to learn each topic, so it is best to print off the last 5 years worth of exam papers and identify a trend, then to hedge your bets based on this analysis. If you have to answer 2 questions from 6, you should aim to cover 3-4 answers to be safe. This again underlines the amount of time you need, hence it is a good idea to start revision early.  

Prestige essays wishes you luck in your exams.

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