Purpose of University

I see so many people going to university these days, some of it encouraged by family, and some of it through self interest. When the UK prime minister Tony Blair was in power, his objective was to get 50% of the population to gain a qualification in higher education. The main purpose of gaining a degree is that job prospects will be better when you finish. So what are some the skills you can expect to learn from university?

It is controversial whether university prepares the student for working life as the transition can often be a challenging one. In practice, if you work for a large company, quite often you will have to be good in the following:

  • Report writing (using concise well written English)
  • Financial reports (using numerical analysis)
  • Communication skills in spoken English is important
  • Presentation skills will be important in Sales & Marketing positions
  • Influencing skills to persuade people to accept your ideas
  • Leadership skills need to be developed
  • Team building with others
  • Be able to take criticism and self improve

These are some of the skills you need to cultivate at university and be good at it. If you cannot be good at a number of these skills then you will not be much use to any company and certainly it will be harder to climb to higher positions. If you wish to  be better than other people at these skills then I recommend you read books on these areas as a program of self study and development. 

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