Time Management

As the new academic year 2012/13 is about to start. What is the biggest challenge to overcome during the year?

Whilst it seems that preparing your clothes and deciding which items to take to university is stressful. Your greatest challenge will be managing your time effectively. Why is this such an important facet for academic success? This maybe the first time you are left to your own devices and the only structured learning you will receive are lectures and seminars. The number of hours of structured learning can be anywhere between only 10-20 hours of lessons. So what do you do in between this time? 

Options are:

  • Have fun with friends
  • Study in library
  • Do washing and buy food
  • Go clubbing or partying
  • Sleep and rest

It is essential to have a balanced lifestyle so too much study or partying does not achieve optimal performance. The only way to achieve good grades is to firstly improve your academic written English. A person who enjoys focused reading will do better than someone who works long and hard doing passive reading. Time management is more of an attitude as you have to be disciplined and start work early. Work must inevitably come first then play follows as a reward. We at Prestige Essays wish you luck in making preparations for the new academic year. 

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