Higher university fee sets precedence

For most freshers, the first day at university involves nothing more taxing than collecting timetables and planning a night out. But the first cohort of students at philosopher AC Grayling’s … Continue reading →

Cambridge University & Isaac Newton

The notebooks in which Sir Isaac Newton worked out the theories on which much classical science is based have been put online by Cambridge University. More than 4,000 pages have … Continue reading →

British Culture – Olympic Games

International students studying in the UK may wander what essentially depicts the British culture. The opening ceremony of the UK Olympic games sums up most things that have formed the … Continue reading →

Purpose of University

I see so many people going to university these days, some of it encouraged by family, and some of it through self interest. When the UK prime minister Tony Blair … Continue reading →

Time Management

As the new academic year 2012/13 is about to start. What is the biggest challenge to overcome during the year? Whilst it seems that preparing your clothes and deciding which … Continue reading →

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