Easter Motivation 2015

Easter Motivation Many students may have reached the Easter holidays and are ready for a good break after all that hard work. You may feel tired from all your assignments, exams, and presentations. There is no doubt you should take a break and do something different to refresh yourselves. This maybe to go travelling around Europe, play some sports, or just go out with friends. However, my advice is not to take a break for too long. Why? This is because the longer you take a break, the more difficult it is to get back to your dissertation or exam revision.

Moreover, I suggest to take a minimal break of a few days then restart all your work. My advice is set on the premise of working hard now and work less in the future. After all, it makes sense that the more work you do today, the less you will have to do later on. Then you can truly relax and take a longer break with your friends. My experience shows that taking a long break destroys momentum – try to minimise this if you want high performance! Easter is a time to re-motivate yourself and to re-energise your spirit. 

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